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Artwork by Rassouli

We are very grateful to the inspired artist Rassouli, who has given us his blessing to use his wonderful art creations on this website. Below is an extract from Rassouli's biography.  We encourage you to visit his website at view his galleries.

About Rassouli

RASSOULI is a visionary artist who has a unique way of reflecting spiritual experience by expressing images from his subconscious onto canvas. He often stimulates creativity by meditating at dawn watching the sunrise in a natural setting, or by envisioning a mystical journey through a night sky. His style does not focus on what is literally seen by the artist, but by surrendering conceptually to what is felt on a deeper level.

Rassouli's painting technique is known as Fusionart, a style that he has created and registered and is presently teaching to many artists in Southern California. The main theme of Fusionart  is cosmic unity. The painting style is derived from mysticism, near-eastern spirituality, and a foundation in European painting technology.

The conceptual approach of  Fusionart has been developing in Rassouli since early childhood, and it is evident in his paintings, reliefs, architectural design, sculptures, book illuminations and murals. He was born in Isfahan, Iran and was raised in a historical home decorated with murals and intricate floral designs. Inspired and encouraged by his mystic uncle, Rassouli developed an early appreciation for painting and mystical poetry, and spent endless hours taking lessons from classical and impressionist artists, and studying mysticism. Soon he discovered new ways to transform his subconscious images into forms that he could share with others.

Recognized as "the best student artist in Iran" at the age of fifteen, Rassouli was awarded a   government grant to study painting in Europe. He migrated to the United States in 1963, where he studied painting and architecture at the University of New Mexico, and was honored with the Leadership Award from the Institute of International Education. Although he began his professional career as an architect, creating three-dimensional structures to satisfy his artistic drive, Rassouli's passion for painting persevered. Through time, he has created hundreds of artworks that have received global recognition for his unique Fusionart style.

Rassouli's worldwide exhibits include numerous solo and collective shows as well as international art expositions. His most recent book, Inspirations of the Heart is an empowering book that fuses a collection of Rassouli's artwork with meditative thoughts by Michael Beckwith, D.D. Selective paintings by Rassouli appear in many books, including: Jung, Journey of Transformation and Language of Souls , and on numerous magazine and book covers.

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